Feel like to explore ‘Land of the Rising Sun’? Majestic Mount Fuji, serine Budha viharas and foremost attraction of the journey mouth-watering regional cuisine, awaits you there. Approach us with the needed documents and we offer you a trip not less than the best.

Visa Types

Short Term Visa (Tourist)

Rate Rs 2050/-
Processing Time 7-10 working days
Stay Period 60 Days
Validity 90 days (maximum)
Entry Type Single/Multiple

Visitor Visa

Rate Rs 2050/-
Processing Time 7-10 working days
Stay Period 60 Days
Validity More than 90 days
Entry Type Single/Multiple

Documents required

  • A valid passport and a photocopy of bio date page of the passport.
  • In the case, if a person has an old passport it should also be submitted.
  • Completely filled visa application form
  • Covering letter from the applicant to be addressed to the Visa officer, Consulate-General of Japan stating the purpose of visit and day to day details
  • Covering letter from Arooha  (Only if the tour is organized by Arooha)
  • One photograph taken within the last 6 months
  • Confirmed travel booking with day to day details
  • Original bank statement (personal & company) of last 06 months with bank seal in A4 sheet

Additional information

  • Please note that all photocopies should be on A4 size only
  • Passport should have more than two blank pages
  • Signatures for children (below 18 years) should have both parents’ signatures along with.
  • If the applicant is a student the following documents should be submitted along with visa application
  • Consent from the parents
  • Original bank statement of last six months for parents and their latest income tax return,
  • Bonafide certificate from the educational institution,
  • School/ college ID card and birth certificate of the traveler, 
  • A notary attested NOC on a stamp paper from both / either of the parents respectively,
  • If parents are not accompanying the passport copies/copy of both / either of the parents and ID card’s copie
  • Each applicant should have their own covering letter although they are applying as a group
  • Bank statement should be of an active account with a good fund transfer and latest Income Tax return.


Frequently asked questions

If the traveller is employed, certificate of employment from employer and salary bank statement for the last six months should be submitted as supporting documents along with visa application.

Further retired employees should submit their retirement certificate or letter/copy of pension book and the pension statements for the last three months.

The photograph should be of size 2 x 2inches, color with white background, taken looking straight forward and face seen clearly and should be printed on good quality paper.

Consent from the spouse should be submitted along with the copies of the bio page and address page of the passport of the spouse.

If the spouse's name is not endorsed in their passports, marriage certificate can be submitted and even if the marriage certificate is not ready wedding invitation card and photographs can be submitted as documents.

Original bank statement of last six months and the latest income tax returns of the spouse are also to be submitted.

If the spouse is not accompanying the partner, a notary attested NOC on a stamp paper and passport copy of the spouse should be submitted. If not a passport holder, any Government ID Proof mentioning spouse name can be submitted.

No, both the service and courier charges are not refundable. All fees are to be paid in cash only in Chennai.

Proof of ownership, company bank statement with bank seal, NOC from other partners or Directors in case of a partnership any one of the below-mentioned certificates should be submitted.

- Proprietorship certificate
- Certificate of registration
- Memorandum of association
- Articles of association
- Partnership deed
- PAN Card